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It also featured music by Jerry Fielding and cinematography by Keith Smith. (with Felix Locher), Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (with Arch Whiting and directed by Leo Penn), The Mod Squad (with Tige Andrews), Route 66 (with Glenn Corbett), and Mannix (with Ed Mc Cready, Barbara Baldavin, Peter Brocco, and directed by Vincent Mc Eveety).

She worked with Nimoy again in the "Death on a Barge" episode of Night Gallery, which was Nimoy's debut as a director. Bundy is also well known for her role as Elaine Parker in A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors(1987) alongside Clayton Landey, Heather Langenkamp, Nan Martin, and Craig Wasson A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master with Lisa Wilcox.

She brought so much joy to so many people’s hearts and souls. It would be my hope and dream to bring that much joy to people through my music.

I also respect and love Adele because she is a true vocalist.

going back and forth from San Antonio, recording music and writing and performing at high schools and middle schools and really hustling and grinding and working on my craft for years and years. someone who fiercely believes in me and my project and who is very wise and smart and knows music. Each day is a new mystery and blessing and challenge.

She is a full-out entertainer, and that’s what I dream to be like or aspire to be. I’ve always gravitated towards “entertainer,” so I think she’s amazing.

She goes up there and gives you her all and gives you a true show where you’re dancing and you’re on your feet. Selena Quintanilla has always been my number one inspiration in music and, of course, as a person.

She is best known as a soap-opera actress, appearing as a regular in both General Hospital and Days of our Lives.

Bundy has appeared on almost a hundred television shows.

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