Arab and black dating teen dating and vilonce

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am in a relationship with an arab presently, a lebanese. This man is like the most kind-hearted man on the planet.he's an Engineer and was born in nigeria. @OP You're wasting your precious time dating this man, do you expect him to racist to you whilst he's dating you?He speak yoruba fluently (though am igbo and teaching him the language Too. Now the issue is that it is popular knowledge that arabs don't Marry black women. the earlier you look for your own people to date the better for you but if you like believe in this free world, free mind mentality of the westerners, after you've got your finger burnt you'll only have yourself to blame. Let him get tired of tasting you then you'll see the negative aspect of him.when i cried to his mother to ask why very gentle she said BECAUSE YOU ARE BLACK.

He mite be the westernised type shaa, since he was born here he might not care so much about his home culture n walk u down the aisle. It is because of historical reasons why they do not want black women on a larger scale.They can be very racist too and some of them see Black women only as sex objects. You that he can't take over to lebanon & be proud of in from of his mother cos they prefer to get you an apartment here, get u pregnant & run back to his country to meet his real wife & kids then you'll probably end up being a single mother living all alone with your miserable life.My man's friends think this way but my man Has never given me a reason to to believe that he's a racist. But still am worried becos my other arab friends who I have spoken too tell me that an arab marrying A black woman is almost like a taboo. Tosinville: Let him get tired of tasting you then you'll see the negative aspect of him.If you are the first black woman to marry an arab man (i doubt) then you will break a barrier for a lot more people so hang in therejenny2007: Hi everyone, Just thought I should get your view on this topic. You'll be better advised to stick with the Young Nice chap.Am a marketing executive in an energy company and meet a lot of peole including foreigners due to the nature Of my job. Also, as you stated earlier he loves you and you love him, so why care about what other think?

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