Aj feeley dating

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Patriots versus Bills: Buffalo MVP, RB Marshawn Lynch, does not play a snap. Patriots versus Ravens: No QB Steve Mc Nair, TE Todd Heap or DE Trevor Pryce.

Patriots versus Colts: No WR Marvin Harrison, OL Ryan Diem, OL Tony Ugoh or LB Freddy Keiaho.

You can bet that Willie Parker is licking his chops after seeing what a banged up Baltimore offense did tonight without TE Todd Heap. After throwing an astounding 8 interceptions in just ten quarters of NFL football, A. Feeley has led the Eagles to two straight losses and a spot in the NFC dumpster.

You also can bet that fielding the best shot from both the Eagles and Ravens will take its toll on the aging Patriots. Egg on the face of all the idiotic Philadelphia Eagles fans (and “experts”) who clamored for A. Today, the Eagles (5-7) lost in embarrassing fashion to the Seattle Seahawks, 28-24, at home in front of tens of thousands of dunces at Lincoln Financial Field.

Now if you are telling me that significant rushing disparity will have no impact in cold, crappy January weather at Gillette Stadium, I have no problem telling you that you’re nuts! The New York Giants (8-4) are looking to finish off the Eagles and all but lock up a wild card spot with a win.

The Giants will be in the same situation in Week 16 when they will look to knock the Washington Redskins (6-7) out of playoff contention.

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