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The Amount of Time You Spend at the Gym One of the gentlemen I reached out to, Dave, told me, "I think women will exaggerate the amount or frequency of exercise they do." A woman may want to show off how important it is to her that she takes good care of her body, but if you list that you go to the gym every single day a guy may think you're exaggerating.

That Impressive Book/TV Show/Movie You Mentioned One person I reached out to, Sam, said, "I think women will leave off interests that might be considered too girly or immature—any kind of guilty pleasure TV show or magazine, etc.

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What if the desire for a Christian dating relationship might not be reciprocated by the friend that you like?Sometimes a woman may change her age to initially attract a man, but it's such a silly lie to chose; was Eddie's date going to pretend to be four years younger for the rest of their relationship?Since so many men have had this experience, don't be surprised if a guys casually glances at your drivers license when the bouncer asks for it at the door.So the first sign that you should perhaps start pursuing a Christian dating relationship with a good friend is if you have strong feelings for this person and they are not going away.Don’t just flippantly go on a date with anyone as a Christian.

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