Abundance mentality dating

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This can be individuals or groups – male or female.

Once you’ve learned enough, leave to another person or group.

You can say something like, “It was nice meeting you but I’m going to go grab a drink.” Or “I’m going to mingle for a bit, maybe I’ll see you around later.” Repeat for at least 30-45 minutes.

After that, I want you to return to the people you spoke to earlier. ” or “So what’s the next stop on your ever-expanding travel list?

Too many of you correlate a woman’s appearance with her value. Feeling attraction is just the initial indicator of whether or not you’re interested in getting to know someone more intimately.

Being considered “just a friend” is not a personal attack on you. I want you to use the word “friend” explicitly in conversation.

You should not be acting like a desperate salesman trying to prove that you’re good enough.

Being the “seller” means you value the approval of others over your own opinion of yourself.

Exercise: When’s the last time you turned down or walked away from an attractive woman? In fact, you’ve likely done the opposite – and tried everything in your power not to get rejected by them. That means you’re not allowed to ask for a single number or try to meet up again.

For an entire night, you’re going to remove the possibility of being rejected. Tell yourself that before heading out, “I’m going to walk away from hot women all night.” When you approach a woman, I want you to act disinterested (shorter answers, no compliments, looking past them while they’re talking).

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