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Best of all it is based on bittorrent, same source code on which u Torrent was built.

This means, if you are already quite used to u Torrent, then you will have a similar experience.

It also has some built-in plugins such as, Web interface, Notifications, Blocklist, Auto Add and Scheduler.

Vuze is actually a completely different torrent client to u Torrent and it is closed source.

The information is displayed using charts and you will get all the data in and out information in real-time.

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It has quite a different interface as compared to standard torrent clients and show all the information in a very clean manner.

The torrent client is created to be a replacement for u Torrent, including everything good about u Torrent and excluding everything Bit Torrent added in u Torrent.

It is open-source, light and completely free to use without any kind of ads.

It is another great alternative to u Torrent based on same bittorrent source code.

You will find it quite similar to q Bittorrent and old version of u Torrent.

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