5 dating resolutions for 2016

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Negativity and positivity can both screw you over, just in different ways If you’re too negative, you’ll intimidate yourself out of trying things, get too hung up on past failures, and won’t be fun to be around.

If you’re too positive, you’ll be overconfident, fail to anticipate how your plans can go awry, and constantly let yourself off the hook for your failures, without learning from them.

Everyone wants the outcome, but in order to be motivated to work towards it, day in and day out, you have to learn to get some enjoyment out of the process.

Analyse your failures and learn from them, without beating yourself up.4.

Never be dismissive of things you don’t understand If someone says “I don’t understand how anyone could like X,” what they usually mean is “X is stupid.” But surely your lack of understanding is a failure on your part?

Your friends tend to rub off on you; as such, they can pull you up or hold you back.

Ask yourself: One of the big things that keeps people out of shape is social pressure from their friends.

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